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SEO Implementation

Do you know your website could be doing better in the search engines, but don't have the time or experience to get it all cleaned up? We've got you!

With our SEO Implementation service, we do all of the heavy lifting for you. After accessing the current state of your website we dive right in. Tackling Keyword Research, Google Analytics setup, Technical SEO optimizations, Content Strategy, Backlink Strategy, Alt Text, Header Optimizations, Custom Page Titles & Meta Descriptions, and more! 

Get SEO Implementation!

What's Included?

Keyword Research 

After onboarding we dive into in-depth keyword research. Here we will find the best keywords for all your existing pages and get volume and competition data for each. With the data in hand we then organize all the keywords for each of your pages and use this information later to optimize your headers, page titles, and meta descriptions.

Google Analytics 

As a part of the SEO Implementation we hop into the backend of your website and plug in Google Analytics. We use Google Tag Manager for this and Google Analytics 4. We will also set up Goals and Events for your site to start tracking the actions of your visitors. We will also be using this data for monthly reporting if you are to sign up for Ongoing Monthly SEO services.

Technical SEO

For this part of the SEO Implementation we take a look at your robots.txt, clean up and submit your sitemap to GSC, and fix any 404 pages on your site with 301 redirects. This is all done on the backend and will not affect the front end of your website. If you do not currently have Google Search Console set up we will take care of that too! 

Content SEO

When it comes to content we will be evaluating your current pages for header and copy optimizations, creating a blog strategy (if you're interested in blogging), and identify new pages that you may want to consider adding based on the keyword research we completed. This content strategy will be left for you to implement unless you pick up Ongoing Monthly SEO services from us where we will get the blogs created and posted and build out any of the new pages we identified. 

On-Site SEO

When we talk about on-site SEO we are talking about drafting and implementing page titles and meta descriptions, updating your alt text for images, revising your header structure, and performing a complimentary Screaming Frog scan for reference. 

Off-Site SEO

For the off-site SEO portion of the implementation we do the following: update your Google Maps listing, build out citations, complete a competitive analysis, collect your top backlinks, and build out a backlink strategy. For the backlink strategy, this is for you to implement unless you choose to pick up our Ongoing Monthly SEO services. 


Once the project is completed we will schedule a call with you to review the scope of work completed and hand over the SEO Workbook where we completed all of the work. That way you have a copy of where we keep all of the data and strategies we have identified for the Ongoing SEO piece. We will show you how to track the performance of your site overtime and also discuss with you the option of Ongoing Monthly SEO servives with us if you still want to be hands off after the one-time set up project. 

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