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SEO Assessments

With an SEO Assessment we get a high-level view of your website in it's current state and identify all of the SEO opportunities you have available.

This report will come in the form of a 45+ slideshow that we will review with you in an hour long consulting session after it is complete. We will email you a PDF copy of the report after reviewing it with you.

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What's Included?

Technical SEO Assessment

Technical SEO

In this section of the report we cover the state of your sites technical SEO. This includes checking the robots.txt, auditing your sitemap, checking your site speed, and more.

Content SEO

In this section of the report we look into your sites content. What we are taking measure of is the quality, keyword usage, recency, and relevancy. This includes not only the pages of your website, but also a dive into any of your current blog posts.

Content SEO Assessment
On-Site Assessment

On-Site SEO

In this section of the report we are looking into the on-site elements that can help search engines understand the topic of your page to know when to serve it best. We will assess your Page Titles & Meta Descriptions, Header structure,  Alt Text, and more.

Off-Site SEO

In this section of the report we take a look at elements that affect your SEO that are not on your website. This includes your Backlink Profile, Social Media presence, and Local Search results.

Off-Site SEO Assessment

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